How to use manual stacker and precautions

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Using a manual stacker involves several steps and precautions to ensure safety and efficiency. Here are some general steps and precautions to follow when using a manual stacker:

1. Read the instruction manual: Before using the manual stacker, it is essential to read the instruction manual carefully. This will help you understand the stacker's features, capacity, and limitations.

2. Inspect the manual stacker: Check the manual stacker before use for any signs of damage, such as cracks or bent parts. Ensure that all the nuts, bolts, and pins are tightly secured.

3. Load the manual stacker: Place the load evenly on the forks, ensuring that it does not exceed the stacker's rated capacity.

4. Raise the forks: Use the manual pump handle to lift the load off the ground. Raise the load only to the necessary height.

5. Move the manual stacker: Push the stacker by its handle to move it to the desired location. Do not move the stacker when the load is raised.

6. Lower the forks: Use the manual pump handle to lower the load gently to the ground.

7. Secure the manual stacker: After use, ensure that the manual stacker is stored safely and securely.

Here are some general precautions to follow when using a manual stacker:

1. Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), including safety shoes, gloves, and eye protection.

2. Do not exceed the manual stacker's rated capacity.

3. Do not attempt to use the manual stacker for any other purpose other than what it is designed for.

4. Never stand under the raised load, and do not allow anyone to stand near the stacker while it is in use.

5. Keep the manual stacker away from edges, stairs, or any other hazardous areas.

6. Do not use the manual stacker if you are not properly trained and authorized.

7. Regularly inspect the manual stacker for signs of damage and wear, and ensure that it is well-maintained.

Following these steps and precautions will help you use the manual stacker safely and efficiently.

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