Classification of hair clippers

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Hair clippers are a relatively common hairdressing tool, which are generally divided into two types, one is plug-in type and the other is rechargeable type. In barber shops, hair clippers are mainly used for trimming men's and children's hair, and women use them less. In daily life, we can also buy electric clippers ourselves to push hair for our family members, which saves money and is convenient.

1. Rechargeable clippers.

This kind of electric clipper generally does not have a cord, but it is very flexible in operation, relatively small in power, and the force of the cutter head is also small. It is very suitable for young women to use by themselves, or when young mothers cut their babies' hair. Of course, the downside of cordless clippers is that they require rechargeable batteries, so they have limited operating time.

2. Plug-in electric clippers.

These electric push scissors have a cord. Its power is very large, and the power of the cutter head is also very powerful, so you don't have to worry about battery problems, so the experience is very good. Of course, the plug-in electric push scissors also has a disadvantage, that is, its wire length is generally only 2.0-2.5 meters, and due to the limitation of the wire length, the operation is not very convenient. But even so, plug-in electric push clippers are still a hit with countless hairdressers.

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