1064nm YAG Laser 15mJ 20Hz

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High-performance OEM/ODM laser rangefinder sensor solutions help you innovate the future.

JIOPTICS laser rangefinder module has the advantages of high quality, great performance, small size, low power consumption, etc. Its professional knowledge and cutting-edge technology provide you with solutions for different measuring distances from 1km-300km.

In the past 10 years, we have provided reliable range finder solutions for different types of companies, which are widely used in the integration of unmanned aerial vehicles, artillery, aircraft, ships, thermal imaging and other systems. Strong scientific research capabilities provide OEM/ODM customization services for you. If you need customization, we will be your reliable partner.

The 1064nm YAG laser is one of the most widely used of all solid-state lasers, and can be used in materials processing, holographic technology, ranging, target illumination and indication, surgery and other fields.

Peak wavelength: 1064nm

Mono-pulse energy: 15mJ

Operating frequency: 20Hz

Operating temperature: -40℃~+55℃

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